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Be more "process" focused and less "end-result" focused

Don’t be overly fixated on the end result of any process—whether that process be losing weight, starting a business, or seeking a romantic partner—because if you do, like a mirage, the closer you think you’re getting to the end-result, the farther it will move away from you. If, however, you stay...


Reframe Failure: Drop the Pass/Fail Mentality

Unfortunately, we have all been programmed from a very young age to have a “pass/fail” mentality when it comes to accomplishing our goals. This pass/fail mentality almost certainly stems from our educational system being so focused on passing or failing tests versus achieving personal growth. As...


Can poor nutrition affect your sex life?

A sexually satisfying relationship with one’s partner is a crucial component of any healthy intimate relationship. Throughout this article, you will learn how poor nutritional habits can have a devastating effect on the sex in your relationship and on your overall health and well-being. Good...


Is Your Body in Debt?

Sometimes, conceptualizing the state of one’s health can be difficult. We often are unable to step back and objectively see the impact of what we do and how we behave. The following discussion was written to give you a different perspective on how you see the state of your health and current body...


Low blood vitamin D is bad for your health and heart

Research suggests that low blood levels of vitamin D may increase a person’s risk of heart disease and stroke, among other serious illnesses such as: Diabetes Peripheral artery disease High blood pressure Cancer Kidney disease Vitamin D is found very rarely in unfortified food, and is...


Water: The ‘Sea’ Within Us

We really do have a ‘sea’ within us as humans based on the fact that 65% to 70% of our physical form is made of water. That’s amazing if you stopped for a moment and thought about it – what’s behind the skin that you see is nearly three quarters water. The primary purpose of water in the body is...