The 21 Weight Loss Habits eCourse will be one of Insights University’s flagship teaching courses. This exciting course is all about getting to the root. It cuts through all the confusion and misinformation out there concerning losing weight, maintaining weight loss, and getting in shape.

The truth of the matter is you don’t need a special program to follow for the rest of your life, a special diet, some unrealistic workout regimen, nor superhuman willpower. What you need is to establish the habits of weight loss. Once a weight loss habit is established the effort it takes to lose the weight and keep it off becomes largely automatic and subconscious.

Most people wrongly think that to be healthy and maintain a healthy body weight they have to have high self-discipline at all times. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Nearly no one can have high self-discipline at all times. It is not more self-discipline that you need; it is the habits of doing the things that produce a healthy body and weight that you need.

The 21 Weight Loss Habits course shows you how to take advantage of your brain’s natural tendency to form habits. The course teaches you how to use your self-discipline only long enough to establish a new weight loss habit and then let the new behavior kick into autopilot. This is the “sweet spot” where self-discipline (actively working at something long enough) and routine (automatic behavior) intersect.

According to a groundbreaking study from the University College of London it takes about 66 days to form a new habit, with the full range being 18 to 254 days. One of the charms of the 21 Weight Loss Habits course is that you can move at your own pace. Once enrolled in the course, it’s yours to use for life. So, whether it takes you 18, 21, 66, or 254 days to form one of the 21 Weight Loss Habits, you have all the time you need.

Time is important because success at anything is sequential – not simultaneous! This course is designed to allow you to build one powerful weight loss habit at a time. And the twenty-one habits are arranged for you in an order that builds leverage and momentum so that the establishment of the first weight loss habit makes the establishment of the next one easier.

Truth be told if you only established a hand full of the 21 Weight Loss Habits you would be more than well on your way to getting the body and health that you deserve, but by establishing all twenty-one – well, there’s no stopping you!

Each of the twenty-one weight loss habits in the course is completed by:

1. Watching a 15 to 45-minute teaching video - covering all the important aspects of the new habit and strategies on how to best establish it.
- Each video is presented by Dr. Jeffrey brown
- The video can be watched across any and all devices you own

2. Quiz option – you’ll have the option (not mandatory) to take a short wrap-up quiz after watching the teaching video to test your retention of the material and point out areas that need further review.

3. Engage socially – after watching the teaching video and doing the optional quiz, you’ll be encouraged to enter your thoughts about the new habit so that others in the course can learn from your personal insights and perspectives and you learn from theirs.

4. Download a written version of the habit – a downloadable written version of what was presented in the teaching video will be available for those who want to keep a physical record of the 21 Weight Loss Habits.
- We recommend keeping each discussion in a three-ring binder to help maintain the habits organization.
- Some of the written discussions will have sections to do short assignments to help reinforce some the habit’s principles or self-discovery points.

5. Stay accountable – by downloading and printing out a one sheet 66-Day Habit Challenge Calendar; where you will simple use to mark a “X” through or checkmark the days during a sixty-six-day time frame that you accomplished your habit challenged as outlined in the teaching video.
- The goal of the challenge is to get as many days in a row as possible!

Okay, ready for a peek at the titles of the 21 Weight Loss Habits? Coming soon…

The 21 Weight Loss Habits eCourse is currently nearing completion and will be available for enrollment soon! We feel strongly that this course will have a major positive impact on the lives of all that take it. Because to have the good life – you must have good health as one of your four pillars along with wealth, love, and meaning.

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