There is no question about it - social power equals personal power. We at Insights U, believe in the power of social influence on personal behavior. Many studies have shown that you are more likely to be the same body weight, have the same health conditions, and make the same choices as your network of friends than the people in your genetic linage. Social influence, in many respects, is a greater force than genetic influence.

The bottom line here is you must take the influence of others on your behavior seriously. The question isn't: will you be swayed by the people in your network?; the only question is: which way will they sway you?

Please take advantage of the opportunities to be found in these private groups. Feel free to post questions, comments, personal insights, recipes, photos, workout regimens, helpful books, Fitbit challenges, and the alike. We only ask that everyone is respectful. Most groups are secret therefore no one outside of the group can view who's in the group or see the posts. Some are private - people can see who's in the group but not the posts. So go ahead and join a group that you need some support with! Click on the below group icons to learn more.

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Weight loss is a struggle best not done alone. Join this member's only group to get the social support you need!

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Reading or listening to a meaningful book can have life changing effects. Join this member's only group to learn and grow through the wisdom of great authors!